The Key Benefits of Mind Mapping for ADHD and Autism

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Whether you have ADHD or autism, your traits and behaviours are different from those who are neurotypical and how it presents is different for everyone, especially when it comes to organising our thoughts, managing tasks and staying focused. The ADHD Brain For those with ADHD, your mind is often filled with thoughts and ideas about […]

The Role of a Wingwoman in Business

The Role of a Wingwoman in Business

Running your own business is exciting but let’s be real, it’s not always easy! Whether you started six months, 12 months, 5 years, or even 25 years ago, challenges are all part of the story and they’re not always predictable. Examples include imposter syndrome creeping in, or you might find yourself stuck in a rut, […]

5 Awesome Social Media Tips for Beginners

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When you’re starting out, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. You might have experience using social media personally, but for business, it’s a different world. There are lots of reasons for using it, brand building, relationship building, advertising what you do, selling products and services, adding value by demonstrating your knowledge and expertise, PR… the list […]

My Biggest Business Regret

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Before you even launch a business, there are lots of factors to consider, such as a business name, whether to have a website, what products or services to offer, pricing and lots more. Once you’ve launched, it’s about how you’re going to get people to buy from you, the methods you use, the sales tactics, […]

Growing Your Business With Ease As An Introvert

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When I first launched my business, I was worried about whether I would succeed because I’ve always preferred to be behind the scenes rather than being the centre of attention. Unlike many others I spoke to, I didn’t have lots of connections who would be interested in my services. That in itself was daunting enough, […]

Outsourcing 101: Who?

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I’ve addressed the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ but the big question now is, what about the ‘who’? Unfortunately, there are no quick answers to this because it depends on the type of work you are looking to outsource and whether you prefer to use an agency or to go directly to a company/freelancer. For the […]

Outsourcing 101: How

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In the previous article, Outsourcing 101: Why?, I explained the pros and cons of outsourcing but now it is important to consider the ‘how’ and the process to take to ensure it is done effectively. The first point is not to confuse outsourcing with offshoring. When I worked in the corporate world, a lot of roles […]

Outsourcing 101: Why?

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We can often view outsourcing as a luxury because the mindset is such that you can only do it if you can afford it but it is important to consider the factors behind why you are thinking about it. In the past when I have spoken to people, they often tell me it’s something they […]

Getting Started with Business Strategy Examples

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You have set goals for your business but do you have a strategy for achieving them or are you hoping it will magically happen? In December 2020, whilst working on plans for this website and as part of it, I carried out some market research. I asked several business owners if they were working strategically. […]