5 Awesome Social Media Tips for Beginners

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When you’re starting out, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. You might have experience using social media personally, but for business, it’s a different world. There are lots of reasons for using it, brand building, relationship building, advertising what you do, selling products and services, adding value by demonstrating your knowledge and expertise, PR… the list […]

My Biggest Business Regret

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Before you even launch a business, there are lots of factors to consider, such as a business name, whether to have a website, what products or services to offer, pricing and lots more. Once you’ve launched, it’s about how you’re going to get people to buy from you, the methods you use, the sales tactics, […]

Growing Your Business With Ease As An Introvert

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When I first launched my business, I was worried about whether I would succeed because I’ve always preferred to be behind the scenes rather than being the centre of attention. Unlike many others I spoke to, I didn’t have lots of connections who would be interested in my services. That in itself was daunting enough, […]

Saying “NO” and Setting Boundaries

Woman holding her hand up in a way of saying stop

If you’re a people pleaser, your automatic response is to say “yes” to everything, regardless of how busy you are. It doesn’t matter if it’s work, family or friends asking you to do something, you say “yes” but in your mind, you start thinking, “why on earth did I say yes”. You know why, it’s […]

5 Reasons For Using An Accountability Partner

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Who is holding you accountable right now? Is anyone holding you accountable or do you find jumping from one priority to the next and working in a firefighting mode? Whether you are working for yourself or you’re running your own business and you have a team of people (employed and/or freelancers), chances are you so […]

The Importance Of Sharing Your Business Story

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In recent weeks, several business owners have said to me they don’t feel comfortable sharing their business story. I think it stems from reading content on social media about how you shouldn’t talk about yourself, your content should be about the benefits to your customers/clients/suppliers and not about you. Personally, I disagree Yes, of course, […]

Create A Content Strategy

woman at her desk with a laptop, writing in her book and with a cup of coffee on the table

Do you sit there, staring at a blank screen or perhaps staring into space, hoping that inspiration will strike? You’re not alone. Creating content doesn’t come easy for many people, but sometimes this is because you overthink it, rather than keeping things simple or you don’t know where to start. After all, you don’t know […]

7 Steps To Increasing Productivity

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Do you ever get to the end of a day and feel as though you have achieved very little?  You started the day with a plan. Perhaps you had a list but instead of the list getting shorter, it continues to grow. I feel your pain, especially at the moment because even though I was […]

The Power of Strategic Partnerships

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How much time do you spend getting to know people? Do you see it as a waste of time or do you see the value that is gained from getting to know someone? Whether you have met someone in real life, over the phone or online, the relationship really comes to life when you have […]