360 Business Support

Delegate | Grow | Transform

Whether you’re a business owner or a private client, you’ll enjoy more time in your day with Ingenious Corner’s strategic, operational, creative and administrative support.

Louisa in her office wearing a red and black top

Hi, I’m Louisa van Vessem, and launched my business to make life easier for my clients.

Whatever the level of business support you need, we have an option to suit you.

My team of freelance specialists will take care of your everyday tasks, and I’ll focus on improving your processes, looking at ways to help you grow, or working together to take a strategic view of what you do.

Whatever mix of support is right for you, my team and I have a strong track record and an excellent reputation with clients.

“I am made to feel like THE most important client while we are working together – this is quite a skill given Louisa balances and juggles multiple client needs.  Nothing phases Louisa.  She knows the business of organising my business inside out.  She is always making suggestions of improvement and has transformed systems, processes and my approach to time management.” 

– Jayne, Leadership Coach


  • I’ll talk to you about what you need, and my team will take care of the jobs you want to pass on.
  • You can play to your strengths and do what you’re best at.
  • Whether it’s professional or personal, you’ll have more time to do what you enjoy.


  • I’ll work with you to identify the steps you can take to develop, plan and implement growth.
  • I’ll focus on changes that will make a real difference to you.
  • I’ll help you make those changes work in practical terms.


  • Together we’ll transform the way you work to make it more efficient and effective.
  • I’ll suggest apps, processes and more to transform how you spend your day,
  • You’ll get more work done, and you’ll feel better about switching off and making the most of your downtime.

My team and I work remotely.  That means that no matter where you are, we can support you.

I’m based in Lancashire (England), and other members of my team can be found across the UK.  

“Louisa was a great help to our business Amazing If during a period of transition and growth. She helped us put in processes to stay on top of our business actions and ensured a consistent level of support behind the scenes to ensure we could deliver and respond to client expectations.  She was reliable, collaborative and quickly got up to speed with our business and what we needed.”

– Helen, CEO, Author & Podcast Host

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