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“Having had the pleasure of collaborating with Louisa on various creative projects since 2019, I can confidently say that she is an exceptional individual who possesses a unique talent for generating innovative ideas and facilitating productive brainstorming sessions with her ‘energiser sessions’.

Louisa’s creativity knows no bounds. She has an innate ability to think outside the box, constantly challenging conventional thinking and exploring new perspectives. Her approach to brainstorming is refreshing and inspiring, as she effortlessly combines her vast knowledge with a natural curiosity that fuels her imaginative thinking.

Louisa’s excellent communication skills further enhance her effectiveness as a brainstorming facilitator in her energiser session. She has a natural talent for articulating complex ideas in a concise and easily understandable manner. Louisa excels at guiding discussions, asking thought-provoking questions, and eliciting meaningful contributions. Her ability to listen attentively and synthesise information allows her to navigate discussions smoothly and keep the momentum going. An hour feels like 2 minutes.

Louisa is highly organised and detail-oriented. She meticulously plans her brainstorming sessions, ensuring that objectives are clear, and timelines are established. Louisa understands the importance of structure in a creative process, and she skillfully balances flexibility with a results-driven approach.

In addition to her exceptional professional qualities, Louisa is an absolute pleasure to work with. Her positive attitude, enthusiasm, and dedication create a contagious energy that motivates and inspires those around her. Louisa’s unwavering passion for brainstorming and her genuine belief in the power of collaboration make her an invaluable asset to any individual or team.

I wholeheartedly recommend working with Louisa on her energiser sessions. Her exceptional creativity, inclusive approach, effective communication skills, and meticulous planning set her apart as a truly outstanding individual. Louisa’s ability to generate innovative ideas and foster a collaborative environment is unparalleled.”

Nadine Powrie, Strengths-based Leadership Coach

Nadine Powrie

“I am not normally one for writing recommendations for the sake of it, but when one needs to be written because you really believe in what is being given and what you get out of it, I thought I must write this one about Louisa van Vessem and InclUSion. I have known Louisa for some years now and I can honestly count her as a great connection and hopefully friend to have here on LinkedIn. Always supportive, will have a chat whenever you need one and generally there for any advice or needs, when you need it!

I have had many invites over the years to join different groups or initiatives and have tried a couple briefly, but they never seemed to deliver what I wanted, so when Louisa asked me to become a founding member of InclUSion on her Beta programme, it made sense as I already knew what she was like and the amount of effort she would put into it.

I can honestly say it was the right decision. It is a great group to belong to and the other members are just as ‘down to earth’ as I am, and it makes a great difference to how comfortable you feel within an environment where you can ask for advice, give advice, and be held accountable by Louisa to ensure you keep on track with commitments to yourself. The amount of free resources and support you get is crazy!

I have always been one to state when I need help with different things, and with the host of different online events on a weekly basis that is put on by Louisa via InclUSion, along with the direct contact with the other members if you need to, I have found it gives me most of what I am looking for in terms of a place to ask or talk about absolutely anything.

Being only 1 of 2 male members, I am looking for others to join this growing membership when it starts to take new members on again 😊

So I would strongly recommend you at least have a chat with Louisa when she opens the doors again and find out what it’s all about!”

Michael O’Reilly, Founder

Age Diversity Network

“You know those moments when you’re bashing your head against a business development brick wall?

Those moments, well hours actually, when you’re working on a problem or idea and the thoughts are going round in circles, you’re second-guessing yourself and despite your best intentions, you end up taking no action and you think “sod it, I’ll come back to it later”.

Yes, me too!

Then I realised my head was getting a bit sore, repeatedly bashing away, so I called Louisa.

I’ve known Louisa for a while. I knew she had her business head screwed on the right way. But you know what it’s like, sometimes we forget it’s okay to get some help.

An hour, that’s all it took to work through my problem and come up with a solid and doable action plan.

I downloaded. Louisa listened, questioned, chipped in with amazing insights and fresh perspectives and gave me a much-appreciated kick up the backside.

She also checked up on me to make sure I didn’t slip down the slippery slope of procrastination.

I’m hesitant to recommend her, because I’d like to keep her all to myself, but do get in touch with her, your head, and your business, will be glad you did.”

Kate Pollitt, Brand Consultant

Desire Branding

“I was due to start the promotion of my Business Planning Templates & Services, but had a brain freeze when it came to creating content.

In just one strategy session with Louisa we devised a brilliant plan for the whole month, which I implemented on my social media platforms.

Louisa’s work on this was invaluable, and I can’t recommend her services highly enough!”

Adanna Bankole, Consultant

Mastermind Strategies

Louisa has done some work for me on quite a lot of projects from helping me with my processes, to research and reviewing documents and website content.

She is a dream to work with – very efficient, and always adds value. I can highly recommend working with Louisa.

Emmie Faust, Growth Consultant

Emmie Faust

“I decided to work with Louisa as she was the first person I met that said she loved LinkedIn and I was intrigued by this, along with her approach to using the platform.

The mentoring that I received from Louisa was brilliant, with great advice, support and encouragement.

Louisa was the first person to offer marketing support that I felt allowed me to remain true to my personal values and refrain from icky sales tactics.

Since embracing what Louisa has taught me I am enjoying spending time on the platform. I am posting more, having great conversations, whilst also gaining valuable advice and support from other LinkedIn members.

Without doing one sales post, I have been approached by contacts who want to work with me and this has lead to new opportunities, new clients and an exciting project that wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t using LinkedIn.

If you are on the LinkedIn fence and you want to get involved but you are not sure how, Louisa is your solution. I have renamed her the LinkedIn Queen!”

Trisha Barker, Imposter Syndrome Coach

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