Recommended Tools

Tools to make your life easier/better.

Over the years, I have tried and tested lots of different tools.  Some make my life easier because they give me headspace whilst others make me more efficient or they offer peace of mind.

For full transparency, some of the links on this page are affiliate links but I only recommend tools and services that have made a difference to me.  If they are affiliate links, it means I might gain a tiny commission but it won’t cost you anything.

A quick overview of some of the tools I use


A playground for finding lots of new tools and apps that are in their infancy stage.  I’ve bought lots of new tools over the years on a ‘lifetime deal’.

Book Like A Boss

This is an awesome booking system site.  I use it for sharing links to my calendar and for people to pay for products and services.


As an amateur designer, Canva is a simple and easy platform to use.  Even if you’re not a designer, there are plenty of templates to get you started.


This is a free site/app for editing videos.  Personally, I only ever use the phone app.  It’s really user-friendly with lots of templates.  You can also use it to add captions (subtitles) for free.


This is a social media scheduler and as a user, I love it.  I like the layout and I think it is really intuitive.  There are options to create designs within it and it’s linked with AI.

Google Workspace

For all your email, diary, productivity and collaboration tools.  In my business, I use both Google and Microsoft 365.


This is a tool for captions (subtitles) and transcribing tool.  I started using it in 2020 to get captions for my videos.  If you don’t have captions on your videos, now is the time to start.


This is the software I use for running my community.  It’s great for setting up chat forums, live sessions and creating events.  You can also create courses in it.  It’s a really intuitive platform.


LastPass is brilliant for storing passwords and other important details.  If you need to share passwords, you can do it from your account without needing to give the information.


If you need to create simple ‘how-to’ videos to share with clients and customers, Loom is a quick and simple website for screen recording.


I use MailerLite for my email campaigns.  I have tried alternatives but this is straightforward and easy to use.  I use the free account.

Markel Direct

I have been using Markel for my insurance for years.  In addition to my insurance, I also get free access to the legal hub which is fill of legal documents.

Microsoft 365

For all your email, diary, productivity and collaboration tools.  In my business, I use both Google and Microsoft 365.

Starling Bank

Starling bank has no monthly fees and it’s really easy to set up.  I use it for my business banking.


If you’re planning to go ‘live’ in LinkedIn, you will need to use a streaming tool.  I have always used StreamYard.


How long do you really spend on tasks?  Toggl is a free time tracking software.  I’ve used it for years and it’s free to us.


It’s simple and easy to use, great for all your bookkeeping needs and integrates with different systems.


I started using Zoom in 2018 and I pay for the Pro account because you can run longer meetings.