Affinity of Experts

“I had no plan to update my branding before Louisa pointed out to me (in a conversation about something else) that it really didn’t reflect who I was and what I was about. I knew she was right – it was from the very early days of my business and didn’t capture how things have evolved since then.  She introduced me to her associate who did an amazing job of working on the design and incorporating it into email automation for me.

I know how high Louisa’s standards are, so I had every trust in her associate team and I’m delighted with the results. I’m now ready to launch my new website and branding, finally feeling that it reflects where I and my business are at.”

– Jacqui Jagger, Leadership & Mindset Coach

Affinity of Experts

While I’m the founder and driving force behind Ingenious Corner and will always be involved in your project, you might find you deal with one of my team when it comes to your day-to-day tasks.

My hand-picked team of freelancers are specialists in their fields.

They take care of many of the tasks clients delegate to us while I focus on the strategic and mentoring end of our services.  Some of the team work directly with our clients, while others work more behind-the scenes, but they’re all important to our success.

Everyone on the team is selected carefully.

I have high standards, so I only work with team members whose professionalism, friendliness, experience and skills I’m confident in.  I draw from a wide of pool of experts, picking the right person for the work that needs to be done.  That means there are lots of professionals in the team, so let’s introduce just a few of them.

Meet Louisa

Ingenious Corner - Louisa van Vessem in Black and White smiling

The Founder of Affinity of Experts

Given my diverse background, it’s no surprise that I’m a multi-passionate business owner.  From the corporate world to SMEs in the UK and overseas, I’ve experienced various sectors, including financial services, FMCG, Formula 1, and the music industry – quite the journey!  With a degree in tourism management (essentially a business degree), I’ve always been the go-to person throughout my career.  Whether it’s knowing the answers or connecting with someone who does, I thrive on being a valuable resource.  My passion for making a positive impact and helping others achieve success on their terms led to the idea of the Affinity of Experts.

I understand the difference it makes to have a Wingwoman by your side, ensuring everything runs smoothly and managing the team that supports you.

I love going to the coast and listening to the waves crashing against the rocks.

I used to love travelling (still do) but since having my little dude, that’s gone on the back burner.

I can’t pick just one but Take That reminds me of my youth.  If I ask Alexa to play something, it’s usually indie, emo or rock.

Heartbeat because it connects me with my community, InclUSion.

Don’t try to do everything at once because that makes life stressful, instead break things down into bitesize chunks.

Meet Amy

Amy holding a camera in Slovenia

Amy began freelancing as a Graphic Designer in 2018 alongside part-time jobs such as being a tutor and later a Digital Media Specialist for a local charity.  In 2021, she leapt into the world of being fully freelance and has since gone on to work with a range of businesses and charities to develop their branding and support them with quality graphic design services.  She’s multi-award-winning and was most recently awarded Runner Up Graphic Designer of the Year at the end of 2023.  Everything about Amy is creative – be that in the way she supports clients with her creative services, the creative ideas she comes up with for them, or the creative hobbies she enjoys in her spare time.  She loves to work with businesses on branding and design projects (from design of flyers to entire rebrands, and everything in between!)

Travelling! I love to explore new places, so any new place is often my happy place.

I quite enjoy a bit of country music! Luke Combs is an artist I often enjoy listening to.

WhatsApp/Messenger/etc! Voice notes are quickly becoming my favourite way to message.

If you’ve hit a creative block, get outside into nature and look at the trees, the flowers, the clouds, the way the sun hits everything in its sight. Switching off like this for just a moment can help spark your creative brain back into action!

Meet Emma

Headshot of Emma

Emma spent 25 years working in Marketing and Innovation, driving growth for some of the UK’s best loved brands at companies such as Diageo, General Mills, Coca-Cola, Perrigo, Nestle and Cussons.  Emma also worked freelance and agency side at Added Value/Kantar in brand development and consumer insight.  Emma has also run property tenancies and serviced accommodation booking systems.  Emma is creative, enthusiastic, and loves to solve problems.  Skills include project management, concept and idea generation, strategic planning, research analysis, and a whole host of admin tasks from booking venues, travel, and meetings to writing reports, proofreading, interviewing job candidates, managing agencies, chasing the money (invoices) and making things happen.

Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Spend time on the things you love and are good at…delegate the rest!

Meet Matt

Image of Matt in Black and White with the countryside in the background.

Having worked for over a decade in frontline retail and managerial roles, Matt found himself in an office managing a portfolio of clients worth £180m.  He found success in analysing the transactional data gathered, finding gaps in the portfolio and patterns in spends, before growing the portfolio to over £300m.  When he left the corporate world, he flipped a hobby into a business, offering small businesses the opportunity to leave their mark on the digital world with websites that turn visitors into sales.  He’s since expanded his knowledge and offers technical support as well as guidance on setting up and growing their potential. 

On a mountain summit.

Dance and club from the 2000s.

Too many to pick just one.

Whether you’re launching a new business, product or service – get it out there as soon as you can. It may not look perfect to you, but you don’t know how the market will feel if you’re hiding it from them.

“Louisa and her team were fantastic. The two main things they supported me with were:

1) Online booking system set up: I hadn’t used my online booking system (Acuity Scheduling) for group bookings before. I had no idea how to set this up!  I wanted to ensure delegates could easily book onto the workshops and that they would receive a series of automated confirmation and reminder emails and text messages.  Louisa tasked this to one of her team members (Matt) and in addition to setting up everything properly for me, he secured me a three month credit with Acuity when he spotted that some of the software’s functionality wasn’t working as it should be.

2) Technical and practical support during the workshops: As it was the first time I would be running workshops online (instead of in person), I wanted to make sure that the tech ran smoothly.  Louisa was on hand throughout all the workshops in case any issues materialised with Zoom.  Because of her expertise in outplacement and LinkedIn, I was also able to ask her to support group tasks during the workshops,which was an added bonus and fantastic help.

All of this support was provided at relatively short notice.  Louisa and her team were professional, friendly and fast to act.”

– Fay Wallis, Career & Executive Coach