The Role of a Wingwoman in Business

The Role of a Wingwoman in Business

Running your own business is exciting but let’s be real, it’s not always easy!

Whether you started six months, 12 months, 5 years, or even 25 years ago, challenges are all part of the story and they’re not always predictable. Examples include imposter syndrome creeping in, or you might find yourself stuck in a rut, or business might suddenly take a downturn or grow unexpectedly. Whatever the challenge, it can derail you and this is where a Wingwoman steps in.

The Holistic Role

If you’re anything like me, titles like Business Coach, Mentor, Consultant and Strategist might seem interchangeable. However, what if you had someone by your side who encapsulates all these roles and more for you and your business, taking a holistic approach?

Imagine a dedicated partner who doesn’t just stand beside you but takes the lead. A trusted confidant who supports your growth, empowers you to thrive and truly understand the intricacies of your business. Someone who understands your vision and values without judgment.

A Wingwoman.

What Does a Wingwoman Do?

A Wingwoman’s approach is all about comprehending your business and its core principles, as seeing the bigger picture is essential:

  • Understanding your business: They want to understand the different elements of your business and how they align. Does everything connect seamlessly or is change needed?
  • Mission, Vision and Values: They’re keen to understand your ‘why’ and your purpose. What drives your passion and what are your aspirations?
  • Connecting the dots: Every aspect of your business should align with your overall goals and objectives.
  • Balancing efficiency and purpose: Efficiency is important but not at the expense of your mission and values. She helps you streamline and optimise while staying aligned with your overall objectives.
  • Feedback and growth: Transparency, constructive feedback and sharing of ideas are all part of the growth process (personally and professionally).

The end result? A harmonious business.

Examples of How a Wingwoman Can Support You

A Wingwoman is extremely versatile and acts as an invaluable partner who can work effectively with a range of clients including:

  • Business Owners / Entrepreneurs: If you are a solo business owner or entrepreneur, trying to do it all isn’t easy. A Wingwoman becomes your trusted confidant and strategic collaborator. Offering personalised support, helping them make decisions and supporting them towards growth and success. Knowing you have someone by your side means you’re never alone.
  • Start-ups: Depending on your funding situation, knowing you have a dedicated partner to assist with strategies, goal setting, and operational and team management without the complexities of hiring an additional employee is a significant advantage.
  • Creative Agencies: A Wingwoman infuses creative agencies with fresh thinking while streamlining operations, managing projects, nurturing client relationships, and developing strategies that combine creativity with business skills.

The Practicalities

It’s worth noting that the role a Wingwoman plays can vary from one client to another as it’s bespoke to meet your specific needs. It will also depend on their skill set and experience.

Here are 10 ways I can help and support you.

  1. Creating headspace: I help you navigate challenges, make informed decisions and stay motivated and focused.
  2. Coaching and mentoring for you and your team: I help you with challenges, providing guidance and support where needed, keeping you informed and helping you stay motivated throughout.
  3. Offering fresh perspectives: As I understand you and your business more, I gain a thorough understanding of what is going on and it enables me to help you see your business differently meaning I can offer innovative ideas and solutions.
  4. Personalised support: No two businesses are alike, I tailor my support to meet your specific needs.
  5. Strategic development: I assist in the creation and execution of a strategy that aligns with your mission and vision having identified opportunities and challenges to ensure that it can be adaptable if needed.
  6. Goal setting: Collaborating with you to establish clear and measurable goals and I remain involved to keep you accountable and on track. I also tailor my approach, some prefer simplistic methods, and others prefer more formal approaches through the use of KPIs.
  7. Implementation support: From project inception to execution, she oversees the planning and processes, ensuring it all runs smoothly.
  8. Operational decision-making: I am part of your team and have the capacity to make operational decisions on your behalf, acting as a trusted partner, particularly when time-sensitive decisions are required.
  9. Team management: Whether you have an in-house team or outsourced resources, I ensure that the team works cohesively and creates a collaborative and productive team. I also support and offer guidance with the recruitment of new team members and the onboarding of them.
  10. Accountability: When you don’t have to report to anyone else, it can be easy to go off track and lose momentum. My role includes holding you accountable and ensuring that your decisions and actions align with your goals and objectives.


As previously highlighted, a Wingwoman’s role varies, depending on your unique needs and the specific role you want her to play in your business. The focus shouldn’t solely be on the number of hours worked but more on the value added and the deliverables you want to achieve.

If you require more ad-hoc support, this usually falls under a “power hour” and the fees for this can range from £99 to £499 (Louisa’s current rate is £150*). However, if you need more comprehensive support, a retainer or project-based pricing may be more suitable. Packages for business management and operational support can start at £999. Considering the important role of a Wingwoman and her active involvement in your business, it’s recommended to expect a minimum investment of £1500.

When thinking about what you need, a conversation is crucial to gain a deep understanding of your goals and objectives. The outcome? An approach that aligns perfectly with your requirements and aspirations.

About Me (Louisa – Founder of Ingenious Corner)

Ingenious Corner - Louisa van Vessem in Black and White smiling

Having worked both in the UK and overseas, I’ve gained valuable experience throughout my career. I’ve been fortunate to have worked for some amazing companies and collaborated with a wide range of businesses, each with their own needs. It’s because of how versatile I am that I describe myself as a WIngwoman.

I’m extremely passionate about diversity and inclusion, it means more than just a couple of words to me. My own experiences help me relate to a range of situations.

Since launching my business, I have noticed that my clients generally fall into one of these four categories:

  1. Creatives
  2. Neurodiverse
  3. Business owners
  4. Entrepreneurs

What really excites me is working with this diverse group because it challenges me and lets me use my skills in different ways. Whether we’re looking at the bigger picture and focusing on strategy, or delving into the nitty-gritty operational details, I love every respect of it.

If you’d like to find out more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Let’s have a no-obligation, 20-minute chat to explore how I can support you as your Wingwoman.

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