Guest Appearances

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to appear on numerous podcasts and social media live streams, engaging in diverse discussions spanning business support, LinkedIn insights, health challenges, and the significance of neurodiversity.

In 2022, I started hosting a weekly LinkedIn live series called “The Awesome Business Club.”  Broadcasting live from my personal LinkedIn account, each episode features insightful guests as we delve into a blend of personal and professional topics.  This ran until November 2023.  Watch them back here.

In July 2023, I wrote my one and only guest blog post for Bloom Creative titled Strategy Made Easy for Business Owners.

The D&Igest with Helen

Helen McGuire is passionate about diversity and inclusion and in this episode, we chatted about my autism diagnosis, the impact it’s had on me and how it compares to my son’s autistic traits.

Women in business with Erin Buck

Erin Buck‘s podcast focuses on Women in Business and their stories.

The Excel Against All Odds Podcast

This was an interesting chat with Sarah Berthon about running a business with chronic health conditions.

Fay Wallis - HR Coffee Time Podcast

Are you looking to improve your time management skills?  Listen back to when Fay Wallis and I chatted all about it and we shared lots of tips.

Podcast: Social Media for Humans

I had the pleasure of chatting with Alexis Bushnell on the topic of Neurodivergent knot untanglers chat LinkedIn TikTok and life.

I spoke with Laila Datoo on the topic of How to Create a Holistically Happy Business.  

Linked in Smart

In 2021, I chatted with Vietek Ladislav all about LinkedIn, sharing the strategies I use, how I’ve used it to develop Company Pages and my thoughts on the newly introduced polls.

Mike O'Reilly podcast

I spoke to Michael O’Reilly about LinkedIn and how to use it effectively.  

Image of Soma with the title career happiness podcast

Soma Ghosh invited me onto her podcast to chat about How We Can Work in a More Flexible Way and Look After Your Health at the Same Time.

Vicki O'Neill podcast

I joined Vicki O’Neill to chat about How To Grow Your Virtual Team and as part of the conversation we also discussed the benefits of LinkedIn.

Trisha Lewis podcast

This episode with Trisha Lewis was all about Banishing The Shoulds and I shared how I balance my chronic health issues with work and business.

Emmie Faust podcast

I joined Emmie Faust to discus How Can A VA Grow Your Business.  In this episode I discussed how I performed virtual magic to help businesses grow seamlessly.

The Marketing Study Lab podcast with Peter Sumpton

My first podcast appearance was with Peter Sumpton and the title of this podcast is The Time Terrorist and Money Laundering.  Intrigued?  Check it out.

LinkedIn live: The Awesome Business Club

The Awesome Business Club

The Awesome Business Club is my weekly LinkedIn live.

It started in 2022 and I broadcast live from my personal LinkedIn account.  Each episode features insightful guests as we delve into a blend of personal and professional topics.  Tune in at 12:30pm UK time and join the conversation!