Ingenious Corner - Louisa van Vessem in Black and White smiling

Welcome to Ingenious Corner!

Hi, I’m Louisa.  I’m a Business Strategist and Mentor but I often describe myself as “your wingwoman and second brain”.  I untangle minds, connect the dots and transform your world in a way that works for you.

I’m based in the North West of England but my clients can be worldwide thanks to the magic of the internet.

I have used two of Louisa’s self-directed resources: a strategy workbook for growing my personal brand and also a brand and social media planner. These were just what I needed at this stage in my business journey. Louisa’s expertise shines through and her confidence is infectious – you cannot fail to feel more organised and confident once you’ve worked through her materials.

Claire Cronshaw, Editor & Proofreader – Cherry Edits

An hour, that’s all it took to work through my problem and come up with a solid and doable action plan. I downloaded. Louisa listened, questioned, chipped in with amazing insights and fresh perspectives and gave me a much-appreciated kick up the backside.

Kate Pollitt, Brand Coach – Desire Branding