ETSY UK Store, IngeniousCoDesigns

Explore my new Etsy Store

It’s finally here… my new Etsy Store called IngeniousCoDesigns.

It’s a store selling digital products aimed at helping you personally and professionally.  

My inspiration for creating these products stems from a number of places:

  • Experience gained as a PA and an Executive Assistant (people needing to be organised and efficient)
  • 6 years’ of running a business and understanding the demands and frustrations of clients
  • Friends and clients who are neurodiverse and the challenges they face
  • Having an autistic little dude and the challenges we face


Currently, there are a number of seasonal products on my page but keep checking back because I have more business focused products to add.  If I’m honest, I’m still getting my head around Etsy, the listing process (SEO for Etsy, tags, images, etc.) and how it works.  It also feels like a slow process, so it’s about balancing my Etsy store with everything else I do.

If you see something you like but the colours or the design doesn’t quite work for you, let me know and I will see what I can do.

Happy shopping.