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“…Do things differently and achieve the life you want on YOUR terms!

Are you ready to gain clarity, focus and get unstuck?

Hi, I’m Louisa and I know what it’s like to feel like you’ve got a million and one things going through your mind leaving you feeling like you’re a little stuck and possibly frustrated.  Let’s be honest, trying to balance everything in our life isn’t always easy and it’s even harder if you’re a people pleaser!

I’m sure you know what I mean.  How often do you feel overwhelmed…?  Thinking about what you should be doing or what you should have achieved or do you ever have those times when you get lost in your thoughts as you compare yourself against everyone else and what they are doing?

But, why?

Let’s focus on YOU.  What’s important to you and WHY is it important to you?  

YOUR vision.  YOUR goals.  

Sound familiar?

Me (as in you reading this)

You don’t know what you need but you know you need to do something.  Your mind is spinning faster than you can say “yellow banana”, you’re pulled from different directions and you’re feeling overwhelmed.  You’ve got awesome ideas but you don’t know what to do with them or perhaps you’re feeling a little burnt out.  

Business Owner

Why did you start your business?  Is it going how you expected it to go?  Are you feeling frustrated because you’re either creative or strategic but not a combination of the two?  Does shiny object syndrome and/or imposter syndrome creep in?  It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in business for, doubts creep in.

Career Focused

You love what you do or perhaps you used to love it but since the pandemic, it’s made you reflect on where you are going and what you’re doing with your life.  You know you want to make changes but you don’t know where to start, what to do first but you’ve got to that point of thinking, if you don’t take action now, you never will.

Manager / Leader

Being in charge is awesome but not when you’re responsible for lots of different projects as well as managing people.  Performance reviews, 1:1s, recruitment, inductions, processes, etc.  You need some ideas and accountability to ensure that you’re on top of everything and you want to talk it through with someone that doesn’t work with you.

Working with me, you will...

Louisa in her office wearing a red and black top

"Can you handle the truth?"

If you are looking for someone to tell you what you want to hear, I am not that person.

If you don’t want your ideas challenged and you just want someone to say, “yes”, I am not that person.

If you want to hear different perspectives and feel inspired, I am that person.

If you want to know how to achieve the foundations for success, I am that person.

How can I help you?

Whenever I’m asked how I can help someone, it often feels like I’m being asked how long a piece of string is or who my favourite artist is.  There are too many variables and it’s the same with giving an answer on how I can help you.  Honestly, it all depends on where you’re at right now and what you’re wanting to achieve but I’ve outlined  some ideas below.  

Are you a people pleaser?  Often finding you say “yes” when really you want to say “no”.

I have helped clients establish boundaries based on what works for them and then giving them suggestions on how to get their clients on side leading to a win-win situation.

Think about how many times you find yourself working more hours than you had intended?  However, if you made some changes, you might find it also works better for those around you.

The first step here is to understand where you are right now and where you want to get to.  What do you want to achieve?

I will listen to what you have done so far and then I will audit it, giving you my feedback on it from the perspective of a customer.  

From there we will create a strategy based on areas to focus on that will look at attracting and building an audience.

This might include making changes to your website, social media accounts and looking at PR opportunities such as guest appearances (blogs, podcasts, etc.).

We will also talk about your brand voice and personality and how that feeds into the bigger picture, as well as consistency.

Whether you’re starting out or 10, 15+ years’ down the line, it’s easy to feel a little stagnant because you’re stuck in a rut.

I will take you through my signature programme called The Connect Programme.  It’s all about digging into the detail and helping you to figure out areas to focus on.  

Together we will analyse how you work and the approach you take.

This includes how you plan your time on a weekly basis and planning for the future.

It is about understanding whether you are a morning person or more of a night owl, when you’re most creative, etc.  From there we can look at creating a flexible yet structured way of working to help you ditch procrastination and stay on track.

Whether you’re a planner or a ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ type of person, when you keep things simple, it makes life a lot easier.

This is about looking at why you do things, how you do it and what the impact is.  Again, what are you trying to achieve?

Although I have a creative mind, I also love looking at the bigger picture and how everything feeds into it and that’s what we will do.

I’m talking about the day-to-day ‘stuff’… digging into the detail and looking at how it all fits into the bigger picture.

Potentially analysing aspects of your business and how you run those areas, who is involved and what can be done to make things run smoothly. 

When working for yourself, it can be a lonely experience.  Yes, you can talk with family, friends and peers but do they really understand or do they tell you what they think you want to hear.

Some clients like to have a weekly session where they can offload everything with me chipping in occasionally with thoughts and ideas.   

Other times, it is about the client offloading everything that is going on in their head.

Depending on the frequency of the sessions, it might be that I create a working document as a reference guide so you know what to do and when and that can really help with accountability, as can just talking about what’s on your mind.


Practical support and strategies to help you grow.


A peer-to-peer community to help you thrive personally and professionally.


Change the mindset and take a new approach.

“What’s different about Louisa is that she genuinely ‘gets’ you and wants to help you succeed.
She has a refreshing no-nonsense approach and brings a wealth of experience to the table for you to devour.”

Eleanor Goold, Copywriter

Kreativ Copywriting

“It’s really good to discuss different ideas with someone who is prepared to challenge your thinking, your goals, and your (lack of!) plan. You really encouraged and inspired me and also gave me the confidence to keep going… in a no-nonsense approach, which is how I like to work.”

Lucy Clarkson, CEO

Blossom & Grace

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