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Conquer Your Goals

Are you ready to turn your thoughts and ideas into reality?  

Get ready to experience this Flourish programme designed to empower you to conquer your goals, master big-picture thinking, and most importantly, have fun along the way, leaving you feeling excited about what’s next.

Discover the "Flourish" Difference

Unlock Your Potential:  In this 3-month programme, I will guide you through the process of transforming your ideas into actionable strategies.  You’ll learn to embrace the big picture, plan for the long term and gain a competitive edge.

Flexibility Meets Structure:  I understand that life can be unpredictable.  That’s why this programme offers the perfect blend of structure and flexibility.  You’ll have set sessions to keep you on track, but you can adapt and adjust as needed to fit your busy life.

Gain Confidence:  Strategy doesn’t have to be boring or methodical.  I’ll show you how it can be exciting and enthusiastic.  With a well-defined strategy, you’ll feel confident in your ability to achieve your goals.

Embrace Big Picture Thinking:  Say goodbye to feeling lost and hello to clarity and focus.  I’ll help you develop a roadmap to success that involves big thinking whilst also keeping an eye on the details.

Let’s Make Strategy Fun:  Strategy doesn’t have to be a chore, it can be exhilarating.  Together, we’ll enthuse excitement into every aspect of your journey, making planning for success a joyful experience.

“I wholeheartedly recommend working with Louisa on her energiser sessions. Her exceptional creativity, inclusive approach, effective communication skills, and meticulous planning set her apart as a truly outstanding individual. Louisa’s ability to generate innovative ideas and foster a collaborative environment is unparalleled.”

– Nadine Powrie, Strengths Based Leadersip Coach

Your Journey to Success

Clear Roadmap:  Together, we will create a clear roadmap for your personal and professional growth.

Excitement and Enthusiasm: We’ll reignite your passion for your goals and dreams.  Strategy will become a tool for empowerment, not a burden.

Accountability:  I will be your partner in progress, providing regular check-ins and guidance.  Together, we’ll keep you accountable for your progress, so you can stay focused on the bigger picture.

Customised Strategy:  Your strategy will be as unique as you are.  Together, we’ll craft a plan that aligns perfectly with your ambitions.

Confidence building:  I will empower you with the knowledge and skills to approach challenges with confidence.  You’ll learn how to tackle obstacles head-on and adapt your strategy as needed to ensure your success.  

“She is your biggest cheerleader and helps you to realise your potential and helps you see where your strengths lie and manages to extract things from you that you didn’t even think about, as she asks the right questions.  She pushes your boundaries and loves playing devil’s advocate with you, which really helps you grow as a person and realise there are other ways of doing things within your role and business.”

– Claire Reed, Virtual Assistant

What the Programme Looks Like

Here’s a sneak peek into what your journey through the Flourish programme will look like:

Month 1:  Creating the Foundations

  • Session 1 – Initial 90-minute Session
    In our very first session, we’ll dive into understanding your dreams, aspirations, and what you want to achieve.   This session sets the stage for the exciting journey ahead.
  • Session 2 – Understanding You and Your Why – 60-90 minutes
    Discover the power of your “why.”  We’ll explore your motivations, values, and passions, helping you create a strong foundation for your goals.
  • Session 3 – Identifying Your Market – 60-90 minutes
    Get ready to explore your target audience and market.  We’ll uncover opportunities and insights that will set you on the path to success.
  • Session 4 – Create an Action/Project Plan – 60-90 minutes
    We’ll craft a detailed action plan, mapping out the steps you need to take to turn your ideas into tangible actions.  This plan will be your roadmap to success.

Month 2:  Building Momentum

  • During this month, you’ll have a total of 4 hours of personalised sessions, and we’ll split them in a way that suits your schedule and preferences.  These sessions will be closely linked to your action/project plan, ensuring you stay on track and make steady progress.

Month 3:  Navigating to Success

  • Similar to Month 2, you’ll have a total of 4 hours of personalised sessions, designed to align with your action/project plan.  By this stage, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your goals, and these sessions will provide the support and guidance you need to make the final push towards success.



This programme is flexible and what has worked well in the past is splitting 12-sessions over 22 weeks.  If you’re looking for longer-term accountability with an opportunity to pick my brain further down the line, the sessions would be held on the following weeks:

Week 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 14, 18 and 22.


Bonus:  InclUSion Membership

  • As a bonus, you’ll receive an additional 12 months of support through my membership programme, InclUSion.  This bonus membership ensures that you have ongoing accountability and assistance even after completing the 3-month programme.  It’s the perfect way to maintain your momentum and continue progressing towards your bigger-picture goals.

Foundations for Success

Month one of this programme is based on a tried and tested method.  

The first three sessions really help assess where your mind is at and what’s important to you.  From experiences of working with clients one-to-one, I know how thoughts and ideas can often be influenced by what they have seen online and the perceived success of others.  It’s almost like shiny object syndrome kicks in.

Following my signature format, we go back to the beginning and I understand what your drive is (your why and your purpose) and how it aligns with your values.  The outcome often leads to lots of lightbulb moments.

Read Iona’s case study to understand the difference my signature format made to her and how she benefited from having accountability.

*Having read the case study, if you think you would rather spread the sessions over a greater period of time, that is also possible.

“I have been working with Louisa for 5 years and she is invaluable to Advance in IT as she is not only dependable but also talented in various ways.  Louisa takes care of my social media and has run a couple of strategy sessions for me.  These have been game changers as they’ve altered my thought processes.”

– Shelli Gafan, Recruiter

Pricing Information

This programme gives you over 12 hours of support throughout the programme plus 12 months of access to InclUSion. 

This programme is worth over £2000.

Let’s get started!  

If you’re already an InclUSioner, you will receive 25% off the total price

“Louisa helped me gain clarity, looking at me as a person, with all of the complexities that needed to be catered for, making me utilise my time carefully, to fit in what needed to be done, rather than to use those things as obstacles. Louisa has helped me to navigate a path that works for me, is sustainable, yet challenging and set me up to be the most productive version of myself.”

– Claire Dale, Office Manager

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