Consistency In Business

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Consistency is a word I use a lot.

But what has it got to do with your strategy?

In a word, EVERYTHING!

It’s about how you apply yourself, your approach, frequency, building your reputation/brand, the message you send out and how you are perceived, the promises you make and the expectations you set… the list goes on.

Too often, I see/hear people start something but the level of commitment starts strong and gradually weakens.

In order to gain momentum with whatever you want to achieve, it’s important to stick with it, to follow the process, to evaluate and to keep going.

If things start to slip, it’s easy to fall out of the habit of doing something and if it impacts your customer/client/supplier, the result could lead to a negative for your business.

Consider the approach of well-known brands

I’m not suggesting you compare yourself to a huge brand but instead, I want you to think about the perception you have of a brand.

Create a mind map and use the following points to guide you.

  • Think about a well-known hotel chain that you have experience of.
  • What is it that stands out to you about them?
  • What are they known for? e.g. is it because of the service given, the comfy beds, the promises they make, etc.
  • Why do you choose to stay with them?
  • What expectations do you have of them?

If you wanted to, you could create two more mind maps. Think of two businesses aiming at different ends of the market, for example, a luxury and a budget brand.

With both brands, you will have preconceived expectations based on their reputation.

I know some people who will always choose to stay at a certain hotel-chain when they travel around the world because they know what to expect from it. The hotels are consistent in terms of the types of mattresses they use, the way they treat their customers, the standard and quality of food they serve etc.

Think back to your own business

Now you’ve completed the exercises on the bigger brands, think back to your business or the role you have at work.

You could take a similar approach, create a mind map and think about your processes, your communication with others and the way you manage and set expectations.

Are you always being consistent or are there times when you slip?

If there are times when you are inconsistent, what is the cause? It might be time to review things and assess what changes need to be made.

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