My Story: Late Autism Diagnosis 2022

What does autism look like? Late diagnosis autism. Photos of Louisa and her little dude.

It felt like a tough battle to get my son’s autism diagnosis but the longer the battle went on, the more I recognised more of myself in him. I remember speaking to someone from a local autism charity that supported parents about my son and I spoke about the strategies I’d implemented to help and […]

Outsourcing 101: How

Arrows pointing outwards from the word outsourcing

In the previous article, Outsourcing 101: Why?, I explained the pros and cons of outsourcing but now it is important to consider the ‘how’ and the process to take to ensure it is done effectively. The first point is not to confuse outsourcing with offshoring. When I worked in the corporate world, a lot of roles […]

Outsourcing 101: Why?

Arrows pointing outwards from the word outsourcing

We can often view outsourcing as a luxury because the mindset is such that you can only do it if you can afford it but it is important to consider the factors behind why you are thinking about it. In the past when I have spoken to people, they often tell me it’s something they […]

Getting Started with Business Strategy Examples

Doodles linked to strategy

You have set goals for your business but do you have a strategy for achieving them or are you hoping it will magically happen? In December 2020, whilst working on plans for this website and as part of it, I carried out some market research. I asked several business owners if they were working strategically. […]

What is a Sounding Board?

hand against an ear

How often do you get that feeling? The one where you have lots of ideas, thoughts and niggling worries but you keep it all to yourself? Mainly for fear of judgement or perhaps you don’t know who to trust or you don’t know who the right person would be to approach. You’re not alone in […]

Managing A Team For The First Time

8 fists put together to form a circle

Whether you have been given a promotion at work or you run your own business and you’re planning to outsource, if you suddenly find yourself responsible for managing people/projects, you might experience a range of emotions. Excitement because suddenly you have added responsibility, it will enable you to grow (personally and professionally) and the opportunity […]

Consistency In Business

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Consistency is a word I use a lot. But what has it got to do with your strategy? In a word, EVERYTHING! It’s about how you apply yourself, your approach, frequency, building your reputation/brand, the message you send out and how you are perceived, the promises you make and the expectations you set… the list […]

Are You Working IN or ON Your Business?


What does that even mean? It doesn’t matter if you’re in the early stages of your business or 10-15 years down the line, it’s easy to get caught up in the day to day running of it. You become so invested in the operational aspect of your business and if it’s just you, it means […]

Learning To Use WordPress

WordPress screen image

Do you ever set yourself a challenge and then think is it really worth all the time and effort? After all, surely it would be more efficient to outsource and get someone else to do it for you! Well, at times, those thoughts have most certainly been going through my head. Autumn 2019 As I […]

Is Blogging Worth It?

Word cloud for blogging

I’m going to say yes, but the truth is I don’t have an answer for you. I’m no expert on blogging or SEO and I’m not a copywriter, so quite honestly, I am figuring this out as I go but I would hope by sharing content that hopefully adds value, it will make people want […]