Client Story

John Espirian


Technical Copywriter & LinkedIn Support
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I got to know Louisa on LinkedIn. I liked her style of content and her depth of knowledge was obvious from all my interactions with her in public and in private.

From seeing Louisa’s content and engaging with her, it was a natural choice to choose to work with her.

As a busy solopreneur, I knew I needed to prioritise my time on what I am good at and what has a chance of making me some money. Continuing to try to do everything myself, didn’t make good business sense.

Louisa has helped me in a number of different ways:

  • Support with an image-licensing project
  • Research for a mineral science project
  • Making changes to visuals on my WordPress website
  • Researching/coordinating the logistics for the pre-orders of my book, domestically and internationally.


I have been consistently impressed with the results from working with Louisa. I never need to check her work for errors because she has such high standards.

Louisa is really methodical in her approach and completes it quickly and accurately. She also throws in helpful ideas for process improvements. It is a nice value-added feature of the service.

For the quality of work delivered, I am surprised her rates aren’t higher!

If you are facing similar challenges, outsource the things that aren’t in your zone of expertise and find out how Louisa can help you!