Client Story

Jacqui Jagger

Beyond Boundaries Coaching

Mindset Coach

I got to know Louisa on LinkedIn, we were connected for a while before we started working together.

There were a few reasons why I chose to work with Louisa and her team over the competition.

Firstly, I trusted Louisa implicitly to deliver to a high standard because I know how high her own standards are, so she would only work with team members who shared her ethos.

The second reason is I appreciate her straightforward approach and honesty. Louisa will tell you what she thinks but also respects your decision to take a different approach.

Finally, it made sense to work with someone who has a team of specialists. Working with someone who has a built a team meant I had the option for different people to complete the work but with Louisa overseeing it.

I have had different pieces of work completed by Louisa directly and by different members of her team. The work has always been completed quickly and accurately.

It was an initial conversation with Louisa that led to me realising that my branding and website were no longer reflective of how my business had developed.

Louisa’s team initially helped with the design work for my new website. Further work has included working together on automating my client onboarding and contact processes and additional graphics for social media.

What initially surprised me from outsourcing was the mental energy shift. I had branding that I loved and a way to onboard clients.

It left me feeling excited about working with new people. Rather than giving me a mental checklist of stuff I needed to do, the focus was on what the client wanted to achieve.

I have since referred one client who was impressed with the seamless process, they wanted to replicate!

My top tip for other businesses facing similar challenges would be to outsource early rather than wait!

Louisa’s management experience and collaborative approach mean you don’t have to go through that on your own.

Louisa and her team can help you decide what processes are required and then do the work for you leaving you free to do the stuff you enjoy and are good at!