Client Story

Client - Iona Currie

Eye See Coaching

Career Coach

I found Louisa on LinkedIn, I really liked her profile and what she did and she had some great reviews.

From the outset, the objectives from Louisa’s programme were clear and it stood out from her competitors.

At the time I was really struggling to move my audience from one part of my business to coaching.

Louisa worked with me on content ideas and she created a tracker. This meant we could monitor performance and understand what worked.

Working with Louisa was great for gaining an outside perspective on what my audience would want to hear and tapping into the knowledge Louisa has on what grabs attention.

The result was less time wasted and more consistency.

What surprised me the most was how easy it was to shift my confidence in what I posted. It really is as simple as get started.

The first few times you put yourself out there you feel vulnerable, but with the right audience, I only saw huge support.


The Programme

Week 1 was all about Louisa understanding me but it really got me looking at why I do my coaching which in turn got me thinking about what my profile was saying.

I really loved week 2. It is so important to know why you do what you do, by making sure you are matching what you do with your why you’ll enjoy it. This is really the whole point to the coaching I do.

Week 3 was really useful because it was about identifying my market. I think this is the area I struggle with most so it helped me to focus. There is a lot of niche advice out there, most of which is either confusing or conflicting.

Week 4 should’ve been about focusing on your profile but this was probably the week that needed the least work because I have worked in recruitment for years. Louisa changed the focus and introduced a tracker for posting to be in place for the following week. She very much adapted the programme to suit me.

As part of the programme, Louisa sets homework, 3 pieces of content to be posted by the following week.

I now post a lot on LinkedIn and feel really comfortable doing it and this was the week that kicked that off. I would post but not really about what I do so who would know what they could get from me.

The programme consists of 12 sessions over 22 weeks. I think you get real value out of the length of time.

To see results can happen quickly but to see continued results needs that continued support. Louisa keeps you on track and will call you out if you haven’t done something.

The biggest takeaway for me was understanding what works and what doesn’t on LinkedIn. Not so much concentrating on the views but what actually brings value and business.

A big part of the programme is about brainstorming and accountability.

I like to brainstorm so having Louisa to do that with you when you work for yourself is so valuable.

Louisa is great at making you accountable so you don’t start to slip.

Consistency is key.